Unearth Performance Collective consists of three artists who create site specific performances to discover and investigate stories and secrets hidden within a chosen site.

Through composition of movement and sound, they aim to capture the essence of a place and reveal their findings by taking the audience on a journey through the site. During this journey they give the audience a chance to experience a space they have not noticed before or to rediscover a place they may walk by everyday.

kompass m bakgrunn miniClick on the com­pass to see our electronic map that is a col­lec­tion of our find­ings dur­ing the research project in Oslo. This is a part of an exper­i­ment of different ways of map­ping a site and how these find­ings can be pre­sented in new ways.



The Unearth Performance Collective was formed during a research project summer 2013. Please take a look at the pictures from the work in progress in Oslo and Belfast. This research project was funded by the Norwegian Arts Council, The Arts Council of Northern Ireland and Komponistenes Vederlagsfond.

Please take a look at Unearth’s Facebook page or visit Unearth artists Sheena KellyCharlotte Piene and Signhild Wærsted on their personal websites. To see video of Unearth’s work see the documentary that was made during our research in Belfast or the dance film Ungraspable.


«During our creative process we investigate the site and try to uncover stories, memories and secrets related to it. By recording people’s stories and memories we’re able to retell and share them later on. After investigating the stories we begin discovering the site itself, by gathering sounds and movement connected to the site. Then we combine this with the other findings to create compositions and installations. Finally, we reveal it to an audience by sharing our findings hopefully in such a way so that they get an individual experience of the site that they can pass on. We hope this allows the performance to live on and affect the site beyond the project itself.»