By Hanna Rohn and Signhild Wærsted

Collateral Damage deals with female bodies as projects for constant improvement. It questions problem areas, political as well as physical, projected onto women`s bodies.

The performance poses delicate questions about the links between national identity, conflict and plastic surgery, all connected to the possession of the female body and to gender-based violence: e.g. rape as a war strategy and plastic surgery as a less obvious form of hurting the body in order to comply with society`s standards on women.

Isn`t it my own choice what I do to my body?

Doesn`t it give us more options of how we want to look and how we want to improve?

Is this empowering?

And provocatively asked: What is the difference between genital mutilation and vaginaplasty?

Two women – trapped in the processes of marking, mapping, touching and cutting.


Previous Performances:

SIDE EFFECT 14, Amersham Arms, London/UK (work-in-progress)

Arts Admin Café, London/UK (work-in-progress)

Calm Down, Dear – festival of feminist theatre, Camden People`s Theatre, London/UK


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