Bodies and Borders

A workshop about gender and movement, bodies as territories and battlefields, and live art strategies in contemporary performance making12806025_611779118975900_8018166553423707705_n

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In conjunction with the performance Collateral Damage we offer the workshop Bodies and Borders giving an exclusive glimpse into the artistic processes as well as an opportunity to delve further into the issues of the performance. The workshop can be offered as a follow-up to the performance or it can be seen independently and tailored to participants that have no previous knowledge of the project.

The workshop aims to deepen the understanding of the performance`s themes which all have been playing a significant role in art and culture historically as well as today: Gender, Nation, Motherhood, Borders, Body and Beauty Ideals. It enables interested audience members to explore those themes further together with the artists. As most of our themes are quite political in nature, the workshop is an opportunity for participants to discuss what they have seen and find ways of further articulating themselves, reflecting on opinions and experiences and taking action, e.g. as creative practice.

The participants are given the chance to explore live art methods and creative work with their bodies and from simple materials, and will get a rare insight into the creative processes that lie behind a professional performance.

The workshop focusses on building a gender awareness that can be transferred into other disciplines and fields of work.

“It was great to get to know your own borders in movement with others and to work with materials in a way that we normally don`t do.”

“You found unique ways of getting the experience of feeling protected or feeling invaded through movement improvisation. I could grasp your topics so much easier by doing instead of talking.”

(Acting students on “Bodies and Borders”, University of Arts Graz, 2016)


The workshop can be tailored to the needs of different target groups regarding length, structure and contents. The focus for each target group is as follows:

  • For youth we will work on movement, creative tasks and playful reflections on body ideals and gender, incorporating their own experiences and stories and encouraging them to create art themselves.
  • For young adults and university students we will explore the research base of the performance and how research can be seen through the lens of an artistic process. We will discuss questions around the links between gender, nation, conflict, military, motherhood, beauty and bodies and try out different creative strategies of working with those issues. Furthermore, we will reflect our own role in society, our bodies and movements.
  • For artists we will focus on devising and choreographing strategies from contemporary performance, live art and movement improvisation with a focus on body and gender awareness, sharing our artistic practice and the making of the performance.
  • For the general public we will offer a glimpse behind the scenes of our performance work and a creative playground for deepening the topics of the performance, discussing questions and self-reflection on gender and body ideals. We thereby give our audience a better understanding of our research and practice as well as of the performance itself.
  • For businesses or organisations and their employees we will focus on working towards gender and diversity awareness through a practical and unorthodox approach. For example, we will take a look at body language and images used in media and marketing. We will also explore creative strategies and how they can be transferred into other disciplines for generating ideas, finding solutions and thinking outside of the box.